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Ocean views

all seasons in one day 10 °C

There are 3 beaches close to Quileute and we walked them all. The timing was dictated by the tides. The rocks have some interesting features that remind Jeju and their common volcanic origin. On the beach the sand and pebbles alternate. Where there are pebbles, the sound is astounding when they are pushed and pulled by the waves. The air is as pure as can be. The wind is cold, it rains from time to time, never as much as during the first day. Eagles soar high.

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rain 10 °C

The long weekend has been organised by Lisa and Ryan and they bring us to their favourite escape place. Quileute is about 4 hours’ drive away from Seattle, including a ferry transfer to cross the sound. On the way we do our shopping for the next days and cross Forks, where the “Twilight” series was shot. The town clings to its instant of fame and still displays vampire warnings and other tourist teasers. We arrive at 3 PM. It is raining and the winds are strong. The “resort” is rather a motel, but the rooms are nice and we have an impressive ocean view. The wind blows hard and the rain stings through our jacket, our first walk on the beach does not last very long. The next days the weather will improve and we will do long long hikes. I will write about these later on. In the evenings we cook and play games. Hiking is about the experience, the effort, feeling the body do his work, more than about the views and the pictures and when I look at the pictures I realise how they all look the same. It was fantastic.

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the Microcosm of Hoh

semi-overcast 10 °C

As we moved into the forest and got used to the view of the trees, we started to pay attention to the small flora that grows on anything organic and competed for the best macro. Again, I don’t have the expertise to add much text, but especially the tiny tiny mushrooms (nothing in the series is more than 2 cm large I believe) were jewels in themselves.

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Hall of mosses, macro view

semi-overcast 10 °C

Seattle is located in Washington State, in the North West of the US and thus close to Canada. It hosts several volcanoes (Mount Helen ) and huge areas of pristine nature. We spent several days in and around the Olympic National Park and our walk in the rainforest of Hoh was a highlight. Soaked in rain and mist, we were lucky to be there on a dry afternoon. Most trees are covered in moss and they would make a suitable background for a Lord of the Rings sequel. My objective here is to upload the pictures and to hope that they will put your imagination to task.

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downtown Seattle

sunny 12 °C

The “downtown” centre of Seattle is small for a city that is associated with Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Expedia. The reality is that all these (and more) multinationals have their “campuses” outside the city, and most of the towers have a look & feel of the eighties. We swept the interesting viewings in one afternoon, and we will return only for the art museum and a short tour. Surprising.

What makes Seattle unique is the natural environment: water and mountains. We are confronted with them at all viewpoints and resting places. The city itself is built on hills and our walks went up and down.Except the small Central business District and the television tower (The Needle) most constructions – especially in the residential areas – are low rise, spread over very green neighbourhoods.
We see some poor people downtown, near Pioneer square: mostly elderly and black. We see their tents under the bridges in several places. With a fast growing population housing is a big issue and the poor are pushed farther and farther away southwards from the city.

We visit the first Starbucks, established in 1971 and buy a mug.

In the evening we visit Kate, a friend of Lisa, who has a deck on the top of her house with an amazing view over downtown. Interstate 5 connects Vancouver to California and runs through downtown like a river.

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